Colors in my Neighborhood


Yesterday was a gloomy day. It was rainy and cold. I managed to look out of the window just in time to see the birds and get some pictures. What a reminder of my Father who watches over me.

Today is a sunny day. I took a break with my bike and my camera. It seems like I can’t even take a bike ride without some purpose in mind. This time I though about “picturing” (that’s what my grandkids call it) some of the colors. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Blue, red, and white--the colors of our country


Here is where I stop before turning on to my street Some trees are bare, others still have leaves to share The yellow fire hydrants are gright spots here and there We have orange, black, red, and blue garbage cans, and yellow bags for people like me This is our most creative mail box--pink is the color What might this white owl be looking at? Why, the bright orange tree, of course! Some more yellow and green

I’m back at my desk. But I can’t get all the pictures to upload on the blog. I will have to give it another try tomorrow. Sorry!

Colors sure brighten up the mood! So, what colors are you surrounded by?