The Gift of Joy

Joy to the world the Lord is come!

Let me tell you some instances of JOY that have happened to me these last few days. Something not so joyous is an infected cyst that I have It has totally drained my of energy. The antibiotics will make it better but they also take a toll on the body.

I think my Heavenly Father knew I needed some JOY, so He used some of his children to bring it to me.

Saturday noon a friend knocked on my door, bringing a big plastic bag full of goodies. Now I have cookies and health bars to last me for the winter. It was a joyous surprise!

Food bag 1

Food present 1

Monday noon I had another knock on my door. One of my former co-workers at GPH, Assemblies of God had been baking cookies. And I got a little bag. Before the camera decided to do its job, most of the cookies were gone. But here is the proof of joy.

Cookies 1

Another joyous moment was to see how my local grocery store has decorated the windows. I was told it cost the store $200 to have it done. Good used money to bring joy. If you wonder, it is Price Cutter by West Bypass and Chestnut Express Way.

Merry Christmas Price Cutter

Yesterday a card came in the mail. I love Christmas for many reasons, one of them being that there is other than junk mail in the mail box! I also love sending Christmas greetings. I have sent 75 greetings by snail mail. Now I have a set of emails to send off.

But let’s go to the card! Last week I received a monetary gift from Assemblies of God Leadership Team. We had a retiree dinner. Here I am with Yolanda, my Guest.

Yolanda and Kerstin

Have you ever see a little poodle service dog? Here is one that was at the dinner party. Not only are the service dogs for the blind, but as this little poodle, they serve to calm anxiety.

Service dog

Let me get back to my story. A lady I have made friends with on Facebook lives in the jungles of Peru. She has a Sunday school and wants to give the children Christmas presents but has no money to do so. I remember when I had lots of children in Sunday school and the happiness I felt when I received monetary gifts to be able to buy presents for this children.

I prayed about it and decided to use “my” gift for those children. I felt happy about it and said to Jesus I was giving it to Him to bless the children.

That’s when this card came.

Card 1

“When they saw the Star they Rejoiced with great Joy.” That’s what happened to the Wise Men. This is what happened to me! My friend had included a “bill” the size of the gift I was sending to Peru!

This is not the first time my friend has blessed me in a similar situation. Almost 20 years ago, when we lived in Colorado Springs, I heard of a family who had a special need at Thanksgiving. At that time in our lives we were “scraping by,” if you get what I mean. There was no money to give away. I prayed to God about it, and He used my friend to send me a gift that I could pass on!

There is no greater joy than to be able to give. The “giving” at Christmas brings us joy. Here is an embarrassing discovery I made today.

Joy overflowing

Do you see the mistake I made? I have sent this little card to several people. I read the words over and over. It didn’t look right, but I couldn’t figure it out. Today I saw the light! Even a translator and editor can make mistakes. To do it on a Christmas card is very annoying. But my wish is the same, for you and for my friends who have received the card:

May the Joy of Jesus fill you to overflowing!


The Gift of Joy! That’s what I wish for you. I thank God for the people who have brought joy in my life.

My greatest joy, now and forever, is that Jesus is my Savior and Lord. Does He fill your heart with joy?

And the angel said to [the shepherds], “Fear not, for behold,
bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:10,11


About kelund

My name is Kerstin Anderas-Lundquist. I was born in Sweden to Per & Brita Anderas, on March 6, 1946. In 1948 we left to begin a missionary life in Chile; in 1956 we moved on to Peru. On May 1, 1969 I married an all-Swedish guy from Karslkrona: Bengt Göran Emanuel Lundquist. God blessed us with two daughters: Eva-Marie Elizabeth and Ruth Carina. We served as missionaries in Peru and Bolivia. In 1988 we moved to the United States to work at Life Publishers in Miami, Florida. I was to assist in developing the line of Sunday School Curriculm in Spanish known as Vida Nueva. I live in Springfield, Missouri, and am retired from work at the Assemblies of God Headquarters. My husband and daughter Eva-Marie have been promoted to Heaven. Carina is married to Thom Cole and they have given me four gourgeous grandchildren, even five (teen-age John). I will be writing about my life, past and present, blended with visions for the future. My deepest desire is to spread the “seed of love”–inspiration to serve God and our neighbors with love and compassion.
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