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The Ever-Present Presence

“I am with you.” That is the thumbs up of the Ever-Present Presence. The God of the Universe, the Creator, the Sustainer of all, is the Father that is always with me. To know God and to know that He … Continue reading

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A Heart like the Heart of God

I’m reading a book called Love Story by Nichole Nordeman, The Hand that Holds us from the Garden to the Gates. How this book landed in my hands has to do with a super bargain sale at Mardel. I have … Continue reading

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Don’t be Fooled

April Fools’ Day! I once played a very bad joke on my dear late husband. I cannot to this day understand how I could be so cruel to him. I guess it was my youth and inexperience that did it. … Continue reading

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The Most Caring Father

I wrote yesterday about God as a Friend. Am I worthy to be called His Friend? I am unworthy, but His love and grace embraces me and through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross I have been adopted into God’s Family … Continue reading

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God’s Friend

Can something more beautiful be said of someone than that he/she is God’s friend? Do you think that someone can be called God’s friend? I started meditating on this beautiful expression during my Bible reading this morning. But you, Israel, … Continue reading

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My Best and Loved Fathers

I want to wish all fathers who read my blog a very happy rest of the day. It’s a little late to come with my wishes. Are you a father? I’m sure you are the very best. That is, for … Continue reading

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The Lord is my Shepherd

Twelve hours and thirty-three uploaded Spanish files later I will soon be able to call it a day! Cristina and I have prepared materials to teach children the psalm that I think every one should memorize—Psalm 23. Not memorize it … Continue reading

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