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Friday Afternoon Miracle

As you know from my previous blog, Friday afternoon  I had to be on my way to do my monthly MoneyGram’s. I go to Walmart and there is always the fighting “end of the month crowd,” especially on a weekend. … Continue reading

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A Surprise Birthday Present from Heaven

We all like surprises, don’t we? Sometimes there are unpleasant surprises, but most surprises are wonderful! When God surprises us, it’s always a wonderful thing! Today I’m going to tell about the time when God surprised me with a birthday … Continue reading

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Touching Jesus

How I wish I could crawl on my hands and knees to touch Jesus’ garment, like the woman who had been sick for 12 years, or like those many who touched Jesus and were healed. I read these words over … Continue reading

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Never Lose Hope

Never Give Up is what I wrote two years ago. Then Cristina and I started a project to illustrate that there is always hope. Even for a dead plant there is hope! Cristina’s mother had a plant that had died, … Continue reading

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A Miracle Adoption Story

Today is CW’s birthday. He is now 34 years old. I will use initials in this story to respect the privacy of the parties involved. CW is a young man who I had the privilege of finding a home for … Continue reading

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Believe in Miracles

“Worship the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water.” Exodus 23:25 I have a vivid memory of the time “discovered” this Bible verse. Our family had moved from Huancayo, Peru, to the town of Chaclacayo. … Continue reading

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The Miracle Coat and my Latest Miracle

This happened in August 1968. I was in Sweden visiting churches to raise support to go back to Peru as a missionary. Now is not the time to talk about all that was involved in the situation I was facing. … Continue reading

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