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A Tragic End to a Life Full of Promise!

I wrote yesterday about Mary and the gift of love she offered Jesus. Each day this week we will look at one of the key players in the Passion drama. I can picture Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, … Continue reading

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The Kiss of Betrayal

This is a very special week, as we remember the Passion of Jesus Christ. Five years ago we looked at some portraits of people related to Jesus and the Cross. I want us to once again look at them and … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Currency

I was inspired today by the sermon given by Reverend Jerry Snavely at Glad Tidings Assembly of God, standing in for their Pastor who is on vacation. The title of his sermon was Heaven’s Market. Does Heaven have something to … Continue reading

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Name Mix-Up

What’s in a name! Everything! Our total identity. One little skew-up can cause big trouble. Like what happened this weekend to my designer Cristina because I screwed up. I use Money Gram to transfer her pay-checks. Her first name is … Continue reading

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In God We Trust

This is the day when many Americans scramble to put their final touches on their tax return to get it in the mail. It has to be postmarked before midnight. Today I am one of those! I usually get my … Continue reading

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A Tragic End to a Life Full of Promise

Judas was given the same opportunities as the other Twelve. His life with Jesus started just as the others, but he got greedy. When Mary anointed Jesus with the expensive perfume, he complained. He wasn’t the only one; the others … Continue reading

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Big Heart Small Pocket

A big heart and a small pocket. That’s my problem! But, as I wrote to a friend, that’s no problem because my Father is the owner of the Universe and all the Galaxies and whatever is beyond them. It’s just … Continue reading

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