Garlic is Doing the Trick

I’ve been out of commissions, so to speak. At least concerning this blog! My Salt and Pepper story I’ve had to keep up, but the energy level has been very low.

It’s not fun to battle a chest cold. The stores have been out of ginger root, which is what I go to as a first remedy. My second recourse is

  • 2 tbsp. of honey (much less if you have diabetes)
  • 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. of lemon juice

You drink this in a cup of hot water several times a day and it sure helps.

I have to take much less honey, so maybe that is why it is taking time to feel better. A couple of days ago my grandson went with me to send the monthly payment to my artists and to buy some food. I looked for ginger root, but still the shelf where I usually find it was empty. So, I decided on garlic.

I know how good garlic is for fighting infections, but it leaves you with a particular smell. One trick is to eat parsley. So, I bought a big bunch of parsley! Organic parsley, for better results.

Today I feel much better, but I smell of garlic! Fortunately, few people will have to endure that, since I’m the only one in my office. My grandson will have accept it when he gets home from school.

I will continue to eat garlic!

Two very encouraging greetings have reached me this week. I’m talking about pictures. Let me share them! Pictures always excite me!

These are the first pictures I have received from Honduras, and among the first greetings to know that people in Honduras are using my materials.

What a colorful and happy classroom! I commend the teachers who have set it up.

The children are coloring one of the Salt and Pepper stories, the one about Elisha and the double portion.

The other greeting is with a “real life” Pepper. Such a handsome little guy! His teacher is Pilar Cabrera. Remember the Mexican family that visited me last Christmas? That was Pilar.

Pilar’s son Abraham on his birthday

Little sister Mildred

Are you following my Salt and Pepper story? In Spanish we are now on chapter 23. In English we are halfway there. I’m so thankful for my friend Nancy who does the translation. It’s so well done that you would not even guess that it’s translated!


Another encouraging thing was a request I received for a picture of Jonah. I posted the picture on one of my blogs three years ago, when my assistant Cristina had vacation and visited a missionary friend in the jungle of Peru. They had a Vacation Bible School and talked about Jonah. Here is somebody looking for clip-art online and is directed to my blog! I’m amazed.

If you need clip-art for Bible stories, contact me. I have almost the entire Bible covered! Considering that Absalom-Leon Sixco has worked with me for five years, and that he has been doing between 200 and 300 pictures a year, that makes more than 1000 pictures. Unbelievable! It’s hard to keep track of them all. As I said, if you need some pictures, we can work out something.

May God bless the garlic to continue working wonders, so I can continue working on the stories. I have now over one thousand visits to the Spanish story sight every day. It might not seem much to you, but for me it represents thousands of children who receive the Gospel through life-application stories.

How do people get to my page? Just looking for stories! Praise the Lord for directing them my way, and praise his name for keeping me strong in and inspired to keep going. Even with garlic for a kick!

If you have Spanish-speaking friends, please share this information:

Have a blessed weekend!


Don’t be let down by circumstances

A ship doesn’t sink because of the water that surrounds it but by the water that it lets in. Don’t let yourself sink because of things that surround you.

I read this advice this morning, at a time in my life when I feel sad. My heart is broken. Sometimes things happen that take us by surprise, things that we don’t understand. But we can’t be let down by the circumstances. Then we’ll be like a boat that sinks in the environment that was supposed to carry it.

Salt and Pepper with Captain Bravo

I lead a very lonely life. I have mentioned before that I have neuropathy in my feet and hands as a side effect of the chemotherapy I had nine years ago. I can walk inside the house. When I go out I can walk about a block. How I would love to go on walks in my neighborhood; but I cannot. That is a big cause of my sadness. Other things that have happened are private; nothing to write about. But I can write the words of God that have comforted me. Psalm 34:18.

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.

One sad time in King David’s life was when he had trouble with his son Absalom, who revolted against him to take his kingdom. Read the story in 2 Samuel 15 to 18. What great pain his son caused him! But David never stopped loving him. When Absalom died, David felt so much anguish that he cried out saying, “My son Absalom—if only I had died in your place!”

David had his harp and God had gifted him the talent to write. How beautiful is Psalm 34! But if you look behind the scene he was in distress when he wrote it.  He had to pretend madness because of his enemies. But in the midst of it all he had the goodness of the Lord to brighten his days.

The sun has hidden behind the clouds. I hope that soon it will shine through. Meanwhile, I continue with the joy of my heart, to write for the thousands of Spanish-speaking children who receive my stories.

I’m happy to announce that I have launched a series of stories for children on my English resource page. It’s about two fun-loving boys called Salt and Pepper, that will learn many valuable lessons through their kind neighbor Miss Beatrice. There is also a little girl in the story, a girl who wins a special prize for guessing a word about something that is worth more than gold.

It’s been eleven weeks since this story was “born.” It’s not going to end soon because the more I write, the more ideas pop up in my head. These imaginary friends make me company. I think of them and the children who read the stories and the sun that has been hidden comes back out.

Invite kids to read the stories. Read them for your children or grandchildren. There will be a new chapter each week.

We are praying for the nations. I had a request from Venezuela. The situation is very difficult. You might have seen on the news or read on social media about the suffering people are going through. Pray for God’s love to prevail, that in the midst of these critical circumstances people will come to know Jesus.

Another day I will be writing about the new school year. I have a very special assignment for this year. Apart from the company of my “story friends” I will have my grandson David coming to see me every school day. That’s a story for another day!

May I encourage you again to read Psalm 34? David looked to his Heavenly Father and declared: “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

A ship doesn’t sink because of the the water that surrounds it but by what it lets in. Don’t be let down by your circumstances. Rise above them. Trust the Lord; He is good.

Just like David, I have tasted God’s goodness and I can say for sure:





Praying for the Nations

To my dear friends that faithfully visit my blog, I just realized it’s been almost a month since I last posted something. It’s been busy weeks! Today I did  a sigh of relief. I finally figured out how to post a very special project my assistant Cristina and I have been working on. You will hear more about it when I get the English counterpart of the Spanish on the move.

What is it all about? Something I have been wanting to do for a long time. We are going to be praying for the Nations!

Every other week the Spanish Sunday school teachers will get a country assigned to pray for with the children. My granddaughter Brianna is excited about translating the prayer needs to English. We use Google and then she edits it.

Our emphasis is now Syria. With the overloads of files I have on my computer, the English we did is gone. It’s a good thing I did a print-out. Now I remember that I did a PDF-file. Let me find it! It doesn’t have the final edit but I’m sure it can be used to as a prayer guide.

Pray for SYRIA

Everything else has taken second stage. My assistant Cristina has made the instructions on how to make a big map. Then we are making flags and faces of boys and girls to add to the flags and put on the map. You can go to a bookstore and buy a map. Set one up someplace in your home or in your Sunday school class at church. Let’s be real intentional in praying for the nations, for a world-wide harvest of souls for Jesus!

This is the map Cristina has made and has in her room.
It’s 57×32 inches!

But this is not all! I started to write a story about two little boys that I called Salt and Pepper.  I wanted to teach on the importance of watching out speech, that it be seasoned with salt! This was seven weeks ago! The story continues week by week. It will come in English too. My friend who translated them to English has had shoulder surgery so she cannot work with them for now.

Here are the cute little boys that keep me very busy.

I hope you are having a good summer. If you live on the other side of the Equator, may you be coping fine with winter.

I’ll be back soon! You will get updates on the countries we will pray for.

Please pray for the children in Syria,
that they will find the way to salvation in Jesus.

See the prayer-page in Spanish:  Oremos por las naciones